Case studies – 3 decades of happy customers and their unique projects

Christmas Came Early for Kent Developer

With 4 new large detached houses to build early in 2024 , our customer came looking for bricks before another threatened price increase.

With 30,000 Required the Findabrick team went to work to find the best deal

The preferred brick from Forterra , the much desired Hampton Rural Blend was typically being quoted at nearly £ 800 per 1000; even in full loads

The wait time for these bricks to be delivered direct from Forterra was also going to be too long.

Findabrick UK were able to find 3 full artic loads from different sources, all for delivery in the last 2 weeks leading up to Christmas

The Process of Spot-on Brick-matching

How can you be sure that we will supply the correct bricks for your project ?

Take for example the extension that Dean at DAT brickwork built recently in Colchester . Dean had a good idea what brick it might be , but came back to Findabrick to make sure . We supplied a sample panel without charge of what we identified as the closest match available today , and this was approved by the client. No guessing ! Just a professional brick-matching service.

Brick Blending Successfully replaces Extinct brick

What can you do if an original brick is no longer made?
Ben asked us to help, so we suggested a blend of 2 bricks that could be obtained straight away.
As the photo shows, the blend successfully replicated the original.
We are here to help you find the best blend, where originals are extinct.
Samples will be provided free of charge for approval.

Saving Self-builders money in London

Of all our customers, we have found that Self-builders are keen to save money.
But without compromising on quality.
It is after all………..their dream.
Rather than take advantage of a less experienced client, we at FindABrick UK make every effort to find the best deals available at the time.
We were recommended by a brick-layer who had bought bricks from us before.
Mat sent us a photo of his house at number 2; at which point is was obvious that the LA Planners would only accept a very close match to the originals.
We were pleased to have found a batch of Ibstock Off-shades that saved Mat around £700 when compared to the cost of the ‘best’ quality, and also meant that he could have the bricks in 1 week rather than a 12 week wait.
That’s like getting a decent oven, or a top end built-in washing machine…..for free!!
Let us save you money for the bricks on your next project.

Beautiful bricks make beautiful buildings

When we were asked to provide samples for this private client they had already considered samples from a variety of manufacturers.
Many of the bricks were going to cost around £1 each.
The brick that was chosen cost 30% less – without sacrificing the quality of this prestigious development.
Beautiful bricks do make beautiful buildings.

No Need to buy Reclaimed Bricks in Farringdon- New replicated Bricks do the job just great !

Many contractors feel that only Reclaimed bricks will do in match-up situations like the one here in Farringdon, London EC4…
It turned out that the NEW bricks we supplied looked even better, and saved £100’s in the process.
Let us save you money with New reclaimed look-alike bricks.

No delays for East Kent Developer

This mixed new development of family homes in Ramsgate was completed ahead of schedule, not least of which because of the choice of brick.
Whilst many sites have been held up waiting for bricks that have gone out on long lead-times, this project benefited from having a realistic call-off schedule from the start with the manufacturer being able to honour the commitment made when accepting the order.
The Brickfinder team prides itself in managing large long-term projects, so as to alleviate un-necessary stress for our customers.

The Sevenoaks multi – a Tricky match – until now!

The Sevenoaks multi brick from Ibstock sadly went out of production in the early 1990’s.
So many homes in North Kent were built with this popular brick choice.
When builders try to match the brick to something available now it can prove difficult. Merchants don’t typically keep bricks that are not regular sellers.
Thankfully FindABrick have knowledge of not only mainstream products but also the derivatives that Brick Works make, some of which are ideal at matching traditional brick types.
This 2-storey extension in Tonbridge blends in well with the surrounding properties.
​Yet another happy customer of FindABrick UK Ltd.

Traditional Quality Not Expensive

So this large bespoke new build looks expensive, right?
You would think so…
The vibrant hand-formatted stock bricks were 45p each;
the hand-formatted clay roof tiles were less than 36p each…
and the savings go on.
FindABrick UK ltd were delighted to be able to save our builder loads of money……without compromising the
quality of the materials used to create this stylish but traditional development.

Hawley Green pleases the Planners

Due to its semi-rural location, the Planners wanted a brick that would look at home in any Kentish village.
​This budget priced simulated handmade brick kept everyone happy.

Costs cut at Capital Court

When a project takes years to materialize, the budget comes under very close scrutiny.
​Here at Capital Court, the First Quality brick choice presented by Steve at FindABrick enabled the Contractor to claw back some of the projects’ inflated costs.

Internal Brick Slips transform London Loft

Our own FindABrick Oxford Grey Multi stock was cut into 18mm thick slips and used to clad the internal façade of this open plan loft apartment in Wapping, London E1.
Although the client had been sent numerous grey samples from other brick companies they were pleased to see ours because it gave them both variation in colour and retained the natural light.
Best of all, it turned out to be the cheapest option!

Loft Apartment, Wapping , E1

Network Rail choose FindABrick Specification

If you need a brick that is Black; has a high compressive strength and low water absorption – what could you use?

Other brick companies offered engineering bricks; but these did not reflect the original character of the bricks the tunnel was built with.

​FindABrick introduced Network Rail to the FLB Anthracite stock brick, which ticked all the boxes.

Best of British Brick-matching

The classic ‘downpipe down the join’ trick was barely necessary on this project as the bricks we found were a ‘spot-on’ match for the originals. We are always pleased when the extension doesn’t stand out because the bricks look different.

Contemporary or Traditional ?

How do you design an eye catching modern house whilst at the same time satisfying the Planning requirement to use an old London Stock brick? found a suitable brick for under £400 per 1000……so everyone was happy.

If Carling did Brick Matches…

Spot the New Bricks!

Probably the closest Imperial brick match we’ve done….

Bromley builder would accept nothing less than a ‘perfect’ match.

Given that the range of bricks available in London Imperial size is so limited, we were pleased to provide these New, not reclaim, bricks. Costing less than £1 each enabled our builder to keep within budget.

Granville Arches Replicated

A large wing of a 19th Century Hotel in Ramsgate was recently rebuilt.
As it is Grade 2 listed, the materials used and the design features had to match exactly with those used in the original build of 1867.
The contractor enlisted the help of a local independent merchant, who in turn called upon my services to produce templates based on actual site measurements of the original arches with accompanying photographs.
The results have received much acclaim, as the new build looks more like the original brickwork just cleaned down, rather than a new build with newly crafted materials.

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